BCUK Conference (Edinburgh) 2019 - God and Depression

God and Depression - A wee conference about a big problem
Andrew Nicholls from Oak Hill Theological College in London explores this huge and current topic. He trained as a doctor and a pastor and is also a Biblical counsellor and so brings with him a broad range of skills and experience.

  • What is depression and what if anything does God have to say to those who suffer?
  • Is the Bible relevant to the overwhelming darkness of depression?
  • How can we help?

Depression is the world's most prevalent mental health condition and it certainly feels as if its incidence is on the rise. Most of us will have been touched in some personal way by the issues raised. There will be two main talks interspersed with stories from those who have experienced depression in their own lives.

These event resources will be useful both for those who care for sufferers (pastoral ministry, personal ministry, family and friends) and for sufferers themselves and of course for anyone who just wants to learn more.